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$1,997.00 March Madness Giveaway
on 03/31/17 at Noon (EST)!
International Pavement Management Association™ &
IPMA™ Academy!
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We have started off 2017 with a SLAM DUNK!
Thank you to all of our supporters in the Quest to Save our Crumbling Roads with less money and less carbon footprint!
Here is the scoop:
  1. You could become a certified APM (Accredited Pavement Manager) for free. (worth $1,997.00)
  2. You could bring the 70 Hours of online training to your City/County Plan ALL ON YOUR OWN!
  3. You could grow the Infrastructure Division of YOUR Paving Company.
  4. You could be one of only 96 Certified APM's in the Country.
  5. Here is the detailed Syllabus:  (CLICK HERE FOR SYLLABUS)
  6. I am also giving away 4 Unreleased Black Albums, and 2 DVD Box Sets to the "Runner Ups" (worth $397.00 each)
THANK YOU TO THE 381 Pavement Professionals that OPTED-IN to our 3 video training series last year!

But, the OVERWHELMING response leads me to believe that I should offer a free Scholarship to the ENTIRE Academy!

Thank you SO much to ALL of our Pavement Management SUPERSTARS that are making a difference.

You know what roads, what time and what treatment and you are saving MILLIONS for your agency! 

I am offering IPMA™ Academy (CLICK HERE FOR SYLLABUS), 8 DVD Box set, The Book on Better Roads and The Unreleased Black Album for…..FREE!

Want to learn more about pavement management, in-place recycling, and pavement preservation? Do you feel like you’re setup for failure as an agency engineer with little or no money to spend on your roads?  Are you aware of the crumbling infrastructure and what you can do to help and become profitable?

We can help!




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